• What is Beleep?

    • Beleep is the app that allows you to digitize your store, loyalty, reward cards, coupons, passes, tickets or any barcode image.
      After card is added there are many convenient options to get your card ready for scan and organize your cards.
      3 cards are free: to add more cards, you will need to become Beleep Premium subscriber.
  • How does it work?Add a card in three easy steps:

    • Scan the barcode
    • Bioscan card’s pigmentation
    • Add card’s name

Card’s name is usually the store/venue name. After it’s added the app will search for the nearest location based on that name which you can assign to a card. You can assign multiple locations.
When on location a card will be indicated with “on-location” indicator on Card’s screen so you can tap on it and it’ll be ready for scan.
The most convenient way to get your card is through Beleep Today Widget. When on location you don’t need to do anything, just swipe to Beleep Today Widget and your card will be there ready.

  • Why should I trust Beleep?
    • Two pillars integrated in Beleep are Speed and Security.Beleep doesn’t have the account system therefore no registration is needed. If iCloud Sync functionality is used, all data is saved to your private iCloud space which you can preview in the app and delete if you don’t want to use anymore.
      For more details please see privacy policy.